Mozilla Firefox 0.8

You’re probably already seen this story around the net, but today the Mozilla Foundation released a new browser, Firefox 0.8.

UPDATE: here’s an internal copy of the 0.8 windows installer, since their site is pretty sluggish today:

This content has been censored during migration from my behind-the-firewall blog to this public one.


Firefox 0.8 is the new version of Firebird 0.7. The name change is both in response to some copyright issues with another open sources (db) project, and also part of Mozilla’s branding efforts.

Firefox fixes literally thousands of issues and bugs, and introduces a great windows installer, and new treatments and themes for OS X.

If you haven’t already dumped IE and Safari and all others for this truly excellent product line, now is certainly a wonderful time to do so. I have yet to find somebody who’s switched _back_ after using a Fire* product.