Wifi changes User Behaviour

Wi-Fi Changes Virtually Everything

“Wi-Fi is taking off fast. More than 64 million Wi-Fi systems are
expected to be sold this year, up from 24 million in 2002, says
researcher IDC.

Already, Internet companies such as ESPN.com are tailoring features
to customers with Wi-Fi. In September, ESPN.com launched a host of
features. Among them: live chats with sports experts, more video clips
of big plays and tools to help fantasy football fans track their teams.

It’s a big change from ESPN.com’s initial design, based on targeted
users who watched the game in the living room and dashed to an office
PC to check scores or stats. ESPN launched the redesign after focus
groups said they were using Wi-Fi to take the site into the living

Entertainment portal Yahoo TV caters to Wi-Fi users, too. Customers
are starting to use a Wi-Fi-equipped laptop while watching TV for
interactive viewing, says Director Doug Hirsch. When a big show is on,
traffic on the Yahoo site jumps, he says….

found: http://www.theshiftedlibrarian.com/2004/02/19.html#a5233