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Social Software ideas

December 30, 2003

While social software may be the internet revolution du jour among venture capitalists, as a user I’m still waiting for the killer social software app that lives up to all the market hype. Recently I’ve been thinking about how the current crop of options could be improved upon, or at the very least, how they could be leveraged to be something useful for users. I’ve come up with a few ideas, some half-baked, others fully baked. I offer them here in the hopes that someone, somewhere already built it or would like to build it.

Colloquial mapping
- Yahoo Maps + Slashdot

Geographical opinion systems
- Epinions + Friendster

Collaborative consumed media
- Friendster + ??? (some sort of media management service)

Reputation management ideas
- Multi-variate reputation management

I’m sure this has probably been posted before, but they’re four pretty thoroughly thought out ideas. As I’ve mentioed before, social won’t stand on it’s own, but combined with other services it can revolutionize things anew.