Accessibility Toolbars

XXXXXXX previously pointed us to the NILS Accessibility toolbar.

I just came across this other one, the WAVE Toolbar. WAVE let’s you submit a url (or trigger the toolbar), and receive an instant Accessibility report. The report is customize and thorough, and uses an extensive icon language to communicate it’s finding on your page itself.

The service also provides some interesting additional features:

Icon View
This representation shows your page, overlaid with an extensive iconic library that communicates the findings
Text View
Shows your page as a text-only user agent would see it. See processes CSS for font-family, and size and color seem to be respected too. An enlightening view.
Outline View
This view transforms your page into it’s hierarchical view, nesting H2 headers under H1 headers, and so on…. A good tool to help verify your semantic markup structure.
Report View
Unknown (error on page)

All and all, it seems to be another good tool for our arsenal.