IE7 (sorta)

I meant to post this last weekend, but Blogs was down for a few days, and so I sent it to our yahoogroup instead.

This guy has created an .htc IE Behavior that aims to fix many of IE’s CSS shortcomings. It’s still in alpha, but his test suites show that most of the things below can now work on IE 5.5+. There are some downside’s, of course, but it’s an interesting development.

It fixes most of the biggest deficiencies in IE(5.5/6.0)’s CSS implementation, including:

  • namespace|selector
  • :root
  • :hover/active/focus
  • [attr]
  • [attr="value"]
  • [attr~="value"]
  • multiple classes
  • parent>selector
  • sibling+selector
  • :first/last-child
  • min/max-width/height
  • <abbr/>
  • position:fixed
  • box-model
  • :before/after/content
  • :first-line/letter (fix bugs?)

His .htc code is still in about v0.7. As it approaches v1.0, it will probably grow from it’s current 10kb to around 15kb. In addition to the weight, it has some memory mgmt issues, and also modifies aspects of the default CSS Cascade. The implications of that aren’t fully understood yet.

All in all, a pretty interesting and positive development. Probably not ready for “Prime-Yahoo-Time”, but certainly worth paying attention to.