Accessibility Comes For Free

Jeffery Veen writes a nice piece on his blog called I don’t care about accessibility. (It’s from his speaking notes at SXSW-04.)

He uses a term spectrum of degradability, which is very similar our thinking that has lead to

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Their designs are explicitly intended to work in what we call the spectrum of degradability — that is, consider the current Mozilla in the middle, with less advanced and broken browsers like Blazer, Netscape 4 and IE6 on one end, and more advanced browsers like OmniWeb, screen readers, and other accessibility devices on the other.

It’s noteworthy that he puts omniweb and screenreader agents on the the more advanced side of the stectrum.

Veen’s dead on though, and we XXXXXXXXX’s have been touting this too:

…when Web design is practiced as a craft, and not a consolation, accessibility comes for free.