Interveiw with Doug Bowman

Digital Web does a year-after interview with Doug Bowman, author of the redesigned (and all xhtml/css) wired site. Nothing ground-shattering, but I took some notes while i was reading it.

Even common word processing apps make use of global style-formatting features, and have for years. So the base concept of CSS is already a familiar one to many people. Once you realize that you already know what a style sheet can do (and why itís advantageous to set up in advance), itís just a matter of learning the cascading part of Cascading Style Sheets.

The Web as a medium is already much more accessible than a printed corporate brochure, movie poster, or product catalog. Better support for CSS enables us to create incredible designs that are even more accessible to a vastly wider audience. Unless a brochure has an audio equivalent that travels with it, or comes pre-embossed with a direct Braille translation, it canít be compared with a well-constructed site on the Web.