Categories Defined

The world I live in is full of information. I spend my days thinking, reading and talking. There is so much information — it’s ALL information — that handling it and making sense of it become the real challenges.

The projects I take at work, and the questions I choose to think about are generally extremely interconnected. When I’m thinking about XHTML markup, am I not thinking about the internet? How does the realization of something differ from the design of something? Does it? In the world of news web sites, how exactly is the Sports section different from the News section? News related to sports is still news, right?

Anyways, I write all this because I’m starting out with this new blog (thanks for visiting!), and deciding how to categorize it is both an important and a difficult question. Here are the categories I’m going to use initially. I suspect they’ll evolve over time, but this is my best first effort:

  • Accessibility
  • Back-end + PHP + MySQL
  • Blogging
  • Browsers
  • CSS techniques
  • DOM + Scripting
  • Design thinking
  • Events
  • Humor
  • Information design
  • Knowledge + Content Management
  • Life and such
  • Mark-up techniques
  • Other user agents
  • Photos
  • Politics + News
  • References
  • Rules-based design
  • Sandbox
  • Safe keeping
  • Search engines
  • Stuff + Things
  • The Internet
  • Tools + Software
  • Travel
  • Web standards
  • Yahoo!

I must give broad credit to those that came before me. I borrowed categories from D. Keith Robinson at Asterisk, Richard Rutter at clagnut and others. (Lots of the categories come from my blogging experience behind my company’s firewall.

For more information and thinking on categories and taxonomies, check out this article by Lars Marius Garshol: Metadata? Thesauri? Taxonomies? Topic Maps! Making sense of it all. I’ll probably point to this article again in the future, but it’s relevant to this post, so enjoy!

cheers, nate