Yahoo! first with 18 percent.

An article today in CNN/Money discusses how the “hype surrounding Google’s IPO is starting to be replaced by questions about its future.

Some interesting pull quotes:

But six weeks after the IPO filing, there’s starting to be some skepticism about just how well Google will do and if it really deserves to be pegged as a tech savior.

And it’s also worth noting that Google was not named as the favorite Internet company by most of the survey’s respondents. It ranked third, with only 9 percent saying that Google was their favorite. AOL was second with 12 percent and Yahoo! was first with 18 percent. Interestingly, more than a third of the users could not name a favorite Internet company. (So much for spending tons of money on brand awareness.)

“Yahoo! and Microsoft have reminded investors that search is not a monopoly,” Mahaney said. And investors seemed to have quickly come to this realization as well.

“The search category is becoming increasingly crowded and over time search offerings will become more and more similar,” said Kessler. “The Google IPO just increases the size and brightness of the target that’s on their proverbial back already.”