Thai Grocers

Aimee and I are off to NYC this weekend to spend my birthday at my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn with my parents. Since we’ve been taking thai cooking classes, we plan to shop for and cook one of the nights we’re there. To prep, by brother Peter gathered some info about shopping for thai ingredients in NYC. Here’s his info:

I just talked to this woman who knows everything about food everywhere,
and this is the Thai grocery store advice she gave me.

The best place in the city is Bangkok Center Grocery, 104 Mosco Street,
349-1979. Nong is the owner, and she’s nice. Mosco St. is a one-block
street between Mott and Mulberry. South of Pell, North of Chatham
Square. There’s a curry paste there that gets flown into the country
every Thursday that’s amazing.

There might be fresher produce at this other place, though, but the
fixins are less complete. Asia Market, 71 1/2 Mulberry, 962-2028

Also, the Bangkok Center Grocery web site linked to the Temple of Thai,, which seems excellent.