Reply from Nancy Pelosi

July 9, 2004

Mr. Nate Koechley
XXXX Guerrero Street
San Francisco, California  94110-XXXX

Dear Mr. Koechley:

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for HR 4067, the
Climate Stewardship Act of 2004.  I appreciate hearing from you on this
issue, and I agree with you.

HR 4067, introduced by Representative Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD), would
curb global warming by establishing a cap on greenhouse gas emissions from
electric utilities, major industrial and commercial facilities and
transportation fuel refiners. HR 4067 has been referred to the House
Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality of the Energy and Commerce Committee.
No further action has been taken.

The overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that the earth's
atmosphere is warming and that human activities, especially the release
of carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels, are contributing
to the warming trend.  Without significant reductions in greenhouse gas
emissions, the earth's surface temperature is predicted to rise 2.5( to
10.4( F by 2100.  The effects of global warming will be widespread and
potentially devastating both to human society and to ecosystems around
the world.  Please be assured that I will support this bill should it
be considered by the full House.

For more information on this and other issues affecting our country, I
invite you to visit my website at

Thank you again for taking the time to express your views on this
important issue.  I hope you will continue to communicate with me on matters
of concern to you.


Nancy Pelosi
Member of Congress