Web Visions Presentation

First Things First: IA and CSS

With apologies for the delay, here are links to the presentation Christina Wodtke and I delivered at the webvisions 2004 conference this past Friday in Portland, Oregon.


There has already been some feedback, including a wonderfully thorough recap over at epersonae.com, and some glowing words — posted immediately after the conference — from vanderwal.net.

This flat out rocks as it echos what I have been doing and refining for the last three years or more… This process makes things very easy to draft in simple wireframe… This practice has cut down development and design time in more than half and greatly decreases maintenance time. One of the best attributes is the decreased documentation time as using the Web Developer Extension toolbar in Firefox exposes the class and id attributes that provide semantic structure… I can not think of how or why we ever did anything differently.

Overall, I was very pleased with the talk, and with the reception is received. Some people did give some constructive criticism though, but that’s always nice to get too.

Thanks to everybody who came and listened to me, and those that asked questions or found me for a conversation later. Thanks also to our wonderul hosts, who put on an excellent conference — I’m looking forward to next year. And finally, to Christina again for dragging me out.