Do not touch the blue ‘E!’

Articles documenting the increased interest in browsers other than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer seem to be published more and more frequently these days. The latest, In Search of a Browser That Banishes Clutter, is by none other than the New York Times (registration required).

Ms. Sandlin is so devoted to her browser that she has taped a note to her monitor warning guests not to click on the desktop shortcut to Internet Explorer. “Do not touch the blue ‘E!’ ” the note says.

“I didn’t want to fool with it anymore,” said Ms. Sandlin, 51, an administrative assistant at Halifax Community College in Weldon, N.C. “I spent more time clicking pop-ups than I did surfing the Web.”

[F]or the first time since Microsoft’s browser beat out Netscape to gain dominance, its market share is eroding as users like Ms. Sandlin shift to other browsers.

[Internet Explore]… has been almost an impenetrable sort of fortress and this is the first sign of any kind of crack.”

“I would just about go to sleep, or play three or four games of solitaire,” Ms. Mills said of waiting for pages to load. Now, “I can’t even go over and check the printer, it’s so fast.”