A web standards checklist

One way I’ve always configured my browsers it to have visible a horizontal links/favorites/bookmarks bar. This was the “Links” folder in IE, and is a default config in Mac’s Safari too. Of course I don’t use IE anymore, instead using Firefox from the good people at the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.

Within my visible bookmarks, I keep a folder called Start. A well-known great feature of Firefox (and other non-IE browsers such as Opera, Safari, and the Mozilla Application Suite, is Tabbed Browsing, which lets you browser multiple web pages, each help as a tab within a single browser window.

By default, the bottom item in a folder of bookmarks is a common “Open in Tabs”. So, each morning I click on “Open in Tabs” in my Start folder, and watch my 20ish daily-read web sites open. I read each tab, closing it when I’m finished reading. When all the tabs are closed, I’m ready to start my normal work day (or hop in the shower, or go back to coding, or stir the pasta — you get the idea.)

Yes, I know many people may point out that this is exactly why then use a RSS Aggregator, aka a News Reader. I use one of those too, but find this in-browser experience a pleasant, fast, and rich way to start the day.

Anyways, I tell you all this by way of citation. This morning, while reading my Start Folder, I found an interesting link sitting at #23 on Daypop’s Top 40 Links. The link: A Web Standards Checklist from the people at Max Design.

Their checklist is a nice place to start, when you’re thinking about modern web development. It reminds about some basic measures of quality, such as “Does the site have any broken links?”, but it also includes more modern concerns, such as “Are all decorative images in the CSS, or do they appear in the (X)HTML?”. In total, they ask questions in six sections:

  1. Quality of code
  2. Degree of separation between content and presentation
  3. Accessibility for users
  4. Accessibility for devices
  5. Basic usability
  6. Site management

I’ve been working to develop similar guidance and measurement at work, and will post my work here when it nears completion. In the meaning, cheers to Max Design for creating and sharing this great one.

cheers, nate