Improve the Quality and Functionality of the Treo 600 Camera

There are at least two pieces of software that will increase the quality and functionality of the Treo 600 camera.

The first is qset, which allows you to modify the compression ratio used when saving your photos. Treo photos are stored in JPG format, which is a lossy format. By default, the Treo uses a compression/quality factor of 20, which results in files weighing approximately 20kb. Using qset, you can specify a factor up to 99. Any increase beyond 20 will be immediately noticeable, with 99 generating photos up to about 200kb. (I don’t know what scale this quality factor is on.)

I definitely recommend this piece of software. After you’ve added it, launch it from your apps menu and enter a new number. I recommend 90. With this new number added — which is a low-level system preference — all photos will be at the new quality.

The second program is called Pickem. Pickem provides quick sharing of photos as attachments, and more seamless web sharing, but it’s two other features are more noteworthy. First, it provides zoom functionality. Pressing “z” while in picture-shooting mode toggles the zoom mode. It’s digitial zoom not optical, of course, but it still helps in certain situations. Second, many users have suffered from the ‘blue dots of death’ problem that plagues the Treo 600’s camera. Pickem cures that problem.

If you’re using Pickem, it can exist in parallel with Pictures the default camera program. You can remap your launcher buttons to always use Pickem if you want, by going Apps -> Prefs -> Buttons.

Happy shooting!