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From Gary Price, at the wonderful ResourceShelf:

Google Launches a Desktop Search Application
About thirty minutes ago, Google launched a desktop search application. I’ve been using Google Desktop Search for the past 48hrs and I’m VERY impressed. Danny Sullivan has just posted (I contributed to the story) a review on Search Engine Watch. Random comments about GDS:

  • I love the fact that every web page viewed in your browser is automatically cached on your computer and immediately made full text searchable. Seruku, a product I wrote about in June, offers a similar type of service for a fee. Additionally, every time you make a change to a Word document or other local file a new cached copy is made. Now, you can easily review revisions to your work by taking a look at the various cached copies of the material.
    + One negative is that it DOESN’t index the full text of pdf files. Google says it’s coming soon.
  • The Copernic Desktop Search tool remains a very useful product and offers several features not found with the GDS.
  • Privacy issues? Of course. Understand what you’re making searchable and how easy it could be for someone to quickly search and find something on your computer. Be careful!
  • Most of my other comments have are merged into Danny’s review.

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