The Outrage Summary

Instead of taking time to gather together for you all the sadness that is the current political reality, I’ll just repost iocaste’s great summary:

Feeling the Outrage

Just feeling so angry and disheartened by the crap that I can’t even work up snarky comments. I’ll just report some of the stuff you may have seen around the blogosphere, for anyone who isn’t following the standard liberal sites like a maniac.

  1. First, a company that registers voters – and is largely funded by the Republican National Committee – has been tearing up Democratic voter registrations in Nevada. The company is now registering voters in Oregon.
  2. Second, former SD Governor – and Republican – Bill Janklow has accused the national GOP of deliberately encouraging “cheating” on voter registrations. And then there’s Milwaukee… (via The Poor Man)
  3. Third, Dick Cheney has been holding private meetings with newspaper publishers in swing states – and keeping out political reporters. This matters not only because of news coverage, but also because endorsements are crucial.
  4. Fourth, the blogosphere, as part of its efforts to take down Sinclair Broadcasting (the company planning to run a 90-minute Swift Boat ad on its television stations just before the election), has discovered that Sinclair has very strong financial ties to this Administration, all unsavory.
  5. Fifth, still more news on the “W is for Wired” front.
  6. Sixth, Howard Kurtz is yet another journalist to openly accuse the Bush Admin of lying.
  7. Seventh, you want outrage? Watch the video (via Shrillblog)All of which is to say, Kerry should totally take Jon Stewart’s advice for a new campaign slogan: “Kerry: For fuck’s sake!”

In my opinion, number one is the more disgusting and probably the most felonious. The fifth is absolutely incomprehensible yet totally believable and seemingly factual. There’s a pool going on how long before they both reach the mainstream media.