www.freedom.gov – The official face of US “Gov”ernment Freedom? Pathetic :(

Ya know, I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled on this site, but all of a sudden I find myself at http://www.freedom.gov. To be honest, it’s 100% embarrassing. It’s pathetic. It’s shameful. It’s outdated. It’s one of the worst possible manifestations of stale online content.

First of all, no offense to Iraq, but when I go to my government’s #1 site for “freedom”, I’d like to see some phrase besides “Victory in Iraq”.

Second, the first link on the page is “Why America Is Safer”. This is one of the three seemingly top “main statements” of the site. Since when does “Safer” have really anything to do with “Freedom”? What happened to “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”?

Below these “main statements”, is a section of news headlines. Again, I’m not sure why the news section of our country’s Freedom website it titled “News – Iraq Updates”, but it is. In any event, the most recent headline is “Civilization vs. Trivia”. I’m not sure what that headline means, and after reading the first I’m not sure either:

Last week, the carnivore Saddam Hussein faced the world in the docket. There was none of the usual Middle East barbarity. The mass murderer was not hooded and then beheaded on tape, in the manner of al Qaeda. Civilization has come to Iraq.

Wait a minute! “Usual Middle East barbarity”? What the #### is that? That’s our number one statement on the Middle East on our FREEDOM website. … Today I watched our armed service men plead guilty to hooding Iraqi citizens.

The second headline has the patriotic and inspiring title “‘Your bloods will be the river of hope for us’”. If you have any idea what that means, let me know. Almost too funny to report: Instead of linking to the article, it links to the first 50 of 792 words. Yep, the rest isn’t free. Not only is it not free, but it’s a Canadian newspaper that you can buy it from. I’m not even sure what joke to use. :( I guess neither free not American is important on OUR government

Not only does none of this make sense, but the newest article is from July 9th 2004. Three others are from this July. Apparently there was no freedom in June… or May… or April. I guess Uncle Sam had to go all the way back to March 19th for any other freedom-related news. But it gets worse — before that, no freedom for five months, until on October 11, 2003, “A Gift From God’ Renews a Village”.

I”m not really 100% pro-propagande, but shit, throw us a bone!