MIME Type Test Suite

I pointed to Juicy Studio’s article It’s all in the MIME a few days ago in my mini-blog. Well, Gez Lemon, the author of Juicy Studio, follows that up with some MIME Type Test Suites.

Did you notice the shameless plug for my Mini-Blog? Good. Enjoy it. (The 8 most recent posts to my mini-blog are included in the right column on my main blog.)

Why have a mini-blog? What’s the difference? Who’s idea was it? First of all, it wasn’t my idea. I remember noting it first at my friend Ernie’s blog, but it’s pretty common and you’ll find something similar at mezzoblue and even Digital-Web’s What’s New area.

Why have a mini-blog? The idea it to be able to quickly blog lots of things, without diluting the quality of the main blog. My mini-blog is hosted for free by bloglines. I read most of my feeds at Bloglines (it’s my recommended RSS Aggregator). Their integrated publishing/blogging capabilities make it trivial to blog things of interest without breaking stride. Instead of writing a long entry of for this blog, I can just quickly and effortlessly flag things of interest and they show up in my mini-blog.

Anyways, I hope this will allow me to publish even more content, and that you find it interesting.

Now, go get a free Bloglines account, I can’t recommend it enough!