Responsible Fish, Responsible Shopping

Even though the Monterey bay Aquarium is within driving distance of my Bay Area home, their wonderful Seafood Watch cards are known across the country. One of my friends just got back from a few months in Florida, and she had acquired one of the handy cards down there. The convenient wallet-size cards tell you which fish and seafood is caught and farmed in ways that are healthy for you and for the environment.

Staying with the theme of “Information is Power” comes the Blue Christmas campaign. Did you know that the Hyatt hotel chain game 87% of it’s political donations to Democrats, while Marriott gave 76% of theirs to Republicans? Jet Blue Airlines gives to Democrats; Southwest gives to Republicans? Nordstroms gives to Democrats; Mays gives to Republicans. Bed Bath & Beyond gives to Democrats; Bath & Body Works gives to Republicans.

Educate yourself. Understand the effects of your actions. Be mindful. Make informed decisions.