Deepest Reef

The “deepest coral reef in the United States” is being reported by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). This find is noteworthy because it “appears to be thriving on 1-2% (5-30 microEinsteins/1m2/sec) of the available surface light (PAR) and about 5% of the light typically available to shallow-water reefs”. The coral has adapted to it’s environment, growing horizontally instead of vertically to maximize it’s light-collecting surface area. While “hazardous to shipping” to part of the maritime definition, concludes that “Nevertheless, from the scientific perspective of a structure built from hermatypic corals, southern Pulley Ridge may well be the deepest coral reef in the United States.”


I spent Christmas snorkeling in Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, so I still have a serious crush on reels and coral.