“RSS readers collect updates, but with so many unread items, how do you know which to read first?”

That quote is from the problem statement of Attention.xml. I can certainly relate, and I suppose many of you can. Personalization of website fonts and colors is one thing, but personalized importance-ranking of content is an entirely other thing!

In order to make these value judgments about a piece of content, the judge must know things about the content and it’s source. This information about information is metadata.

So what type of information about information is necessary to make these determinations? The Format Summary of Attention.xml gives some clues:

Attention.XML is an XML file that contains an outline of feeds/blogs, where each feed itself is an outline, and each post is also an outline under the feed. This hierarchical outline structure is then annotated with per-feed and per-post information which captures such information as, the last time the feed/post was accessed, the duration of time spent on the feed/post, recent times of feed/post access, user set (dis)approval of posts, etc.

While you can play with the prototype, it’s more fun to just imagine the possibilities. Good things are coming folks.