Firefox Tip: Quick Complete URLs

Here is how I enter a new URL into the Firefox Address Bar. It is the fastest way to jump somewhere new (without linking), and it keeps my hands on the keyboard (not the mouse).

Step One (“Quick Complete” starts on Step Three, but this is a bonus tip, and will speeds things up too.):

Press “Alt-D” on the keyboard (hold down both keys at the same time). This will more the cursor to go to the Address Bar, and also select any URL that is already there. With all the text highlighted, the next thing you type will erase what’s already there, saving you the step of manually erasing the current URL before typing a new one.

Step Two:

Type the base of the URL. In other words, if you want to go to, you’d only type “yahoo” at this point.

Step Three: Quick Complete

With just the base entered into the Address Bar, you now press “Control-Enter” to wrap the base with the full .com stuff. By pressing “Control-Enter”, the base “yahoo” instantly becomes “ (You may use the 10-Key number pad’s “Enter” key in addition to the primary “Enter/Return” key.)

If you want a .org address, press “Control-Shift-Enter” instead. This will turn “craigslist” into “”.

With those three tiny steps, you’ll be flying around in no time. Alt-D, “cnn”, “Control-Enter” take no time at all.

Note: On Mac’s, replace “Control” with the “Apple” key I think.