“Search and SEE the Yellow Pages with a9″

I’ve been meaning to comment on this, but haven’t quite got around to it. As a service to my dear readers, I’ll just rip Gary’s content, so please show him some love and go read it over there (then come back!).

If you haven’t checked out the “just released” new yellow pages from Amazon.com’s a9 you really should. It’s very cool. In a nutshell, a9 have already taken more than 20 million street-level photos (what a9 calls block views) of each and every establishment in yellow page directories for 10 U.S. metro area and associated these images with each entry. You can even virtually walk entire blocks. It will be a real attention getter for a9 and perhaps, even useful! It’s a must see for everyone but it’s far from complete at this point. You can also browse/search the yellow page directory via this url.

Again, check out Gary’s wonderful ResourceShelf.

(I’ll add that this isn’t a new idea — several European sites already offer this functionality, and a company I can’t recall used to have 360 Quicktime’s of every intersection in New York, way back in ‘99 or 2000 (please leave a comment if you remember the name of that site.)