The Conceptual Age

Wirer magazine continues to generate some of the most thought provoking writing around. While not as personally influential as The Long Tail, the current issue’s article “Revenge of the Right Brain” by Daniel H. Pink is a good read.

The Information Age we all prepared for is ending. Rising in its place is what I call the Conceptual Age, an era in which mastery of abilities that we’ve often overlooked and undervalued marks the fault line between who gets ahead and who falls behind.

The Information Age has unleashed a prosperity that in turn places a premium on less rational sensibilities – beauty, spirituality, emotion. For companies and entrepreneurs, it’s no longer enough to create a product, a service, or an experience that’s reasonably priced and adequately functional. In an age of abundance, consumers demand something more. … Try explaining a designer garbage pail to the left side of your brain!

We’ve progressed from a society of farmers to a society of factory workers to a society of knowledge workers. And now we’re progressing yet again – to a society of creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers.

Hat tip: Havi