Depressed Today

Not like that last several years have been happy or anything, but the headlines today really got me down:

  • Senate Votes to Open Alaskan Oil Drilling – a sad day for the environment, and to me signifies that the democrats in congress and just overworked. It’s horrible, but in the scheme of things isn’t not even the worst. Makes me realize that BushCo is slowing numbing us to agenda.
  • House OKs $81.4 Billion on War Spending – ” the fifth emergency spending plan Bush has sent to Congress for wars”…. how many times can you call wolf/emergency? I wish my bank account was as forgiving.
  • Bush Recommends Wolfowitz for World Bank – So now, our peaceful development efforts are headed by our chief war strategist, a raging conservative hawk!? Great, that sends a nice subtle message to the world.

There’s plenty more where those came from, but I can’t bare it anymore right now…

And by the way, not that I’m pro-steroids or anything, but doesn’t the GOVERNMENT REFORM COMMITTE have anything better to do than get autographs from a bunch of athletes? Even if steroids were the worst thing under the sun, what exactly does it have to do with GOVERNMENT REFORM? It’s not like that don’t have anything to do: Haven’t they heard of DeLay’s illegal and unethical actions, the federal government’s falsification of documents related to the Yucca Mtn Nuclear Waste dump, or that BushCo is prepackaging television news in a blatant propaganda plan? (And then there’s the whole “torture” and “1500 Americans dead” thing…)

May the world forgive us, and accept our apologies.