I’m Back

After three fantastic months backpacking across Asia, I’m back in a cube at Yahoo digging my way out of my inbox and out from under my feed reader. (There was significantly worse net access on the road than I expected. I’m doing my best to catch up, but if you want to hear from you soon you’re better off sending me a fresh email.). The trip was excellent (check out some of the pics: flickr.com/photos/natekoechley/sets/), but it’s great to be back in the Bay Area.

Now for the new adventure: plug back into the world of Web Development / . Care to help me out? What have I missed? Any "best of’s" from the last three months? What do you see coming next? What should I be paying attention to right now? What’s dead? What’s hot?

Stay tuned as I try to answer those questions for myself, and please forgive me if I post anything in the next few weeks that’s old news to you.