Safari Browser Continues to Improve

In Safari browser news, they’ve recently announced a long list of fixes to the WebKit rendering engine and a renewed focus on JavaScript and DOM Compatibility.

Their list of improvements includes over 40 fixes. In the JS/DOM efforts, they report compliance with 95% of DOM Level 1 Core, 100% of both DOM Level 2 Core and DOM Level 2 Events, and a healthy 99.3% compliance with DOM Level 2 HTML tests.

I love to see iteration and improvement. According to info maintained by my coworker Jamie, this 2.0.1 released (with the 10.4.2 OS update) is their 25th, bringing their average days-between-releases down to under 54 days. This is good for users, and good for the industry. (In contrast, some take over 700 days.)

Finally, since I’ve said before how I’d like all product releases (not just browsers) to provide detailed change logs, I have to give them props for doing so this time. In their notes they include the disclaimer that “[we] don’t necessarily promise to do this for future updates”. I understand not wanting to make public promises, but please Surfin’ Safari, please keep it up!