Don’t risk losing your photos!

This showed up in my inbox today:

We’re happy to store all your memories at the Kodak EasyShare Gallery, but because you haven’t made a purchase in the last 12 months, we may begin deleting stored images from your account. Don’t risk losing your photos!

You’re gonna delete my images?!!! You gotta be kidding me. Don’t you get it?

Picture are irreplacable treasures. Digital information is hard to maintain. (Fried hard drives. Obsolete file formats. New computers.) I want my grandchildred to have a digital shoebox of all my photos, so they can enjoy them as I enjoy my grandparents collections. I think anybody who shoots digital photos worries about this. Apparently Kodak – the people responsible for the shoebox of photos from last century – doesn’t get it.

Storing things online let’s me outsource the upkeep of my data. That’s a key part of the value proposition. I can let somebody else worry about backing up the hard drives, and maintaining redundant data centers to prevent Act of God loss.

I initially put some photos up on Kodak for exactly that reason. I was worried about using a startup service because maybe they’d go out of business and disappear some day. I wanted a trustworthy brand that would be around well into the future. Guess I was wrong – guess these old companies really don’t get it afterall.

As the records and artifacts of my life move online more and more completely, the network has a tremendous responsibility to safeguard and maintain that info. Any service that doesn’t take the seriously has no place in my life. It goes 10x for photos.

Hello Flickr. Hello Yahoo! Photos.