Autographed Books and the TechDev Speaker Series

As I’ve probably said before, one of the great things about working at Yahoo! is the external speakers routinely on campus. On Fridays, our Technology Development Group — some of the same folks behind Yahoo! Developer Network — hosts a weekly TechDev Speaker Series. Today’s speaker was John Battelle, the former Wired editor, Industry Standard founder, highly influential search industry blogger, and author of the new book, The Search.

He read some interesting passages, answered an very generous number of questions, and hung around to sign books. He definitely gave me a few things to think about, including a suggesting that we’re leaving the “poke” interface days (mouse clicks to ‘poke’ around an interface) and entering days of natural language interfaces, where words and concepts drive knowledge exploration.

I’m at work, sure, but it’s not a bad way to spend a Friday. (And I’m looking forward to Saturday too.)