Ouch! Where did the Wow go?

In 2004, Google could do no wrong. I don’t have a Lexus/Nexus account, but I bet one would be hard-pressed to find any negative coverage about them in 2004. In 2005, they built on gmail, the quintessential-wow product, and rocked the industry with gmaps (in the process making Ajax one of the top memes of the year).

But throughout 2005, the negative press began to appear. There were many flareups over privacy and copyright (Print, Desktop Search, AdSense). Many products fizzled (Talk, Base), lost steam (Orkut), or didn’t do much of anything (personalized homepage, Froogle). And to many pundit’s dismay, they continued to move away from their core competencies and into seemingly *every* business around.

But today marks, for me, some of the most scathing words I’ve read about them. A sense of frustration and disappointment. Not that it’s the most egregious thing they’ve done, but CES and the Google Video launch (with DRM) seem to have backfired a bit. Take a look at the roundup of the press that Techdirt’s Mike offers in his “We Sat Around Waiting For Google Video And All We Got Was This?” post.

(For even more, look at the cluster around this topic on Memeorandum.)