Well, I’m still not home yet. Was supposed to be home on Sunday, but I guess thunderstorms and airplanes don’t mesh well.

@media in London was my first stop on this trip. After the conference (which was excellent – I’ll post more soon), I went to Germany for a few days to catch some World Cup action. From Germany I flew to Albany, NY. Aimee and I arrived about 10pm. She stayed in NY to prep for her best friend’s wedding, but I caught a 9am flight out the next morning bound for a family reunion ourside Cleveland on the Lake Erie shore. Reunion was great. I left the family reunion a day early to fly back to NY (Syracuse) on Saturday afternoon to be at the evening wedding there. That was Saturday.

So far so good.

I’m a lucky guy in general, but it sorta ran out. Sunday I was scheduled on an evening flight home: Syracuse-Atlanta-Oakland. Aimee and her Mom dropped me off at the airport and I went inside to check in. After just a few minutes I realized that things weren’t looking good. I called Aimee and told her to pull over in case I needed to be picked back up. (This was a good instinct.)

Turns out ATL was shut down due to severe thunderstorms. All flights were canceled. To make matters worse, it was the end of Syracuse graduation weekend so I wasn’t the only one trying to get out of town. All Monday flights were full. For some reason they don’t fly the route on Tuesdays. They were able to book me confirmed for Thursday, and I got placed at the top of the standby list for Wednesday.

Aimee and her mom picked me back up, and I tagged along with them to their summer place on the St Lawrence Seaway about 90 minutes north of Syracuse.

So here I sit. Current Status: Working From Hundred Yards South of the Canadian Border (WFHYSOTCB).

I called back the next day, and learned they canceled all flights on Monday too. Because I was already on the standby list for Wednesday, the new array of people hunting for flights should have minimal effect on me.

It’s Wednesday now. I’m off to the airport in a couple hours for a late-evening flight to Oakland. Scheduled to arrive about midnight.

I don’t mean to complain; All and all it’s been an outstanding trip. Many great experiences. Many great people and conversations.

It’s just that, really, I’d really like to be home soon please.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Well, it’s about 1:30 am local time and I just got home. My bags didn’t – they’re still in Atlanta I guess – but I did and it feels good.