What Browsers Need to Provide – Alex Russell’s Perspective

Alex Russell (of Dojo fame) has an good post up right now called Browser.Next in which he lists 10 key things browsers need to give us poor developers so we can do our jobs without going insane. Here’s the list, but head to his blog to read the details:

  1. Event Opacity
  2. Long-Lived Connections
  3. Expose [DontEnum] To Library Authors
  4. Fast LiveCollection -> Array Transforms
  5. Provided A Blessed Cache For Ajax Libraries
  6. Mutation Events
  7. onLayoutComplete
  8. HttpOnly cookies
  9. Bundle Gears
  10. Standardize on the Firebug APIs

I’ve long felt that the balance of power between web developers and browser vendors is out of whack: for every one developer working on the browser itself there are probably 1000 web developers at companies around the world toiling endlessly, struggling to overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses of the browsers. It’s wrong. It’s wasteful. It’s expensive – a drain on the economy, and serious sand in the gears of what should be the world’s most powerful innovation platform.

And so, from that perspective, I’m very happy to see visible developers like Alex telling the world (*cough* browser vendors *cough) what needs to change. He’s got a good list of comments going over on his blog – I hope you’ll join in the rally.