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The Onion does product development

Nearly 18 months ago, James M. Kilts, CEO and President of The Gillette Company, “announced” in The Onion:

Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades

Then, six hours ago today:

Gillette unveils 5-bladed razor

Proving once again that “you can’t make this shit up”.

(via Ernie)

Take the Edge Off

As Russ says, “Not only is it hysterical, it’s accurate (and we all know it).”

Boondocks is the only comic I read. It’s routinely good. I like it’s hiphopness. My Yahoo! offers it, of course.

Green Polluters?

Gas-Guzzling SUVs with “Keep Tahoe Blue” Bumper Stickers


My commute takes my up and down Highway 101 between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. If you share that commute, I’m sure you’ve seen that which Jeremy vents about.

While I might grudgingly grant that some use their SUVs legitimately (but unnecessarily), that doesn’t excuse them when they’re on 101 North.

If you read the comments over on his post, it sounds like the bad gas mileage of the worst offenders (Hummers) make the slightly-less-bad gas mileage of non-Hummer SUVs seem reasonable, or even responsible to owners.

Others being worse doesn’t make you good.

Video – Close to Nature

One of my cousins just forwarded me this video of kayaking up close with nature (2000kb, mpeg). It’s pretty wild – I won’t be showing this to Aimee or she won’t go kayaking with me anymore.

Here’s a screenshot – click to see the video:

Browser Showdown

Best Icon?

This humorous site hosts a competition between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser. All the important details are considered, including Best Mascot.

SF Sketchfest

The Onion’s coming to San Francisco

My brother is coming to town next week from Brooklyn. He’s a writer for The Onion. He’s on a panel as part of SF Sketchfest, a sketch comedy festival.

He’s joined on the panel by two other Onion writers (of six total) and the editor, as well as Dave Eggers. They go 8pm, Monday January 24th, at Cobb’s Comedy Club in SF.

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