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New stuff from Yahoo! Developer Network

Blatent plug for work stuff here: I wanted you, my readers, to be amongst the first to hear that we’ve just released lots of new and improved stuff this evening. These three blog posts on will get you started:

Now you’re ready to head over to YDN for all the details:

Two other things to point out. First, we’ve included CSS packages in this release for the first time, specifically CSS Grids, CSS Fonts and CSS Reset. The second thing, beyond the cool code and design stuff, is that we’ve moved our code distribution and public bug tracking to SourceForge. This will, I believe, be an important step forward for us. Check it all out and let me know what you think.

Maker Faire this weekend!

The first Maker Faire is this weekend:

Join the creators of MAKE magazine, the MythBusters, and thousands of tech DIY enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, science clubs, students, and authors at MAKE’s first ever Maker Faire! Browse the complete online program!

Yahoo! User Interface Library

It lives! I’ve been pushing and planning for this since last summer, and I couldn’t be more excited. Nor could I be happier with the response we’ve received so far from all of you. Thanks for the encouragement and all the kind words.

What am I talking about? About nine hours ago we publicly released and open-sourced two cool previously-internal libraries, a companion blog, and an article on Graded Browser Support that I authored:

Yahoo! User Interface Library – Industrial-grade JavaScript for DHTML and Ajax. The same libraries that power Yahoo! today.

Yahoo! Design Patterns Library – Our thinking and solutions on common interface design issues.

Yahoo! User Interface Blog – News and Articles about Designing and Developing with Yahoo! Libraries (rss)

Graded Browser Support (article) – An inclusive definition of support and a framework for taming the ever-expanding world of browsers and frontend technologies.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll be posting more details on the blog throughout the week (and ongoing), but wanted to get the links up now before bed.

For a more thorough introduction and more links, check out the first three posts on

Ad-hoc Collaboration – Brainsjams in DC

I wrote about Brainjams last month, and do so again today to announce their next Brainjams event, this one Monday, January 30th, in Washington DC. If you’re planning on attending this free event, head over to the registration form to claim your seat before they’re all taken.

Bringjams bring tech and non-tech people from all walks of life together to discuss how people actually use the tools many of us are building. Being in DC instead of deep in Silicon Valley should be especially interesting, so I’m doubly sad to be missing this one.

A Dozen Cool Uses for RSS Feeds (via delivers a dozen interesting uses for RSS feeds, and reading blogs isn’t on the list. Weather, comics, contacts and deals are though. They’ve titled this post “Part One”, so check back at their site later for another installment.

Do You Hate To Read, But Love The Onion?

The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, began offering their Onion Radio News as a podcast this week. It immediately rose toward the top of iTunes podcast list.

The Onion Radio News Podcast, w/ Doyle Redland

Onion News is anchored by Doyle Redland, visualized by my dad.

Grab the podcast here or via the iTunes Music Store.

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