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Protect Free Speech at 7pm Tonight in San Francisco

How often do you get a real and important opportunity to stand up for what you believe in? If your answer is “not often enough”, then join me at the “Free Josh Wolf” party tonight at House of Shields in downtown San Francisco. (Event and location details on

Jackson West summarizes it well:

Josh Wolf is a Bay Area journalist who was imprisoned for refusing to cooperate with the federal grand jury and turn over video footage that wouldn’t have even necessarily been relevant to their case.

Why does this matter to you? Because it means even journalist and citizen could potentially be legally compelled to aid in surveillance of political activity. Because journalists, artists and bloggers have the right to take private notes and recordings in order to cover events and craft stories. And because an attack on Josh is an attack on freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Josh needs help with his legal bills and rent. Booze and music will be on hand, you just need to show up and support Josh. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

And eddie has the whole back story.

Here are links (from eddie’s coverage) that you might visit:

See you tonight!

Maker Faire this weekend!

The first Maker Faire is this weekend:

Join the creators of MAKE magazine, the MythBusters, and thousands of tech DIY enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, science clubs, students, and authors at MAKE’s first ever Maker Faire! Browse the complete online program!

NYTimes: “Google in China: The Big Disconnect”

Quick pointer: Great, long, interesting article on the the state of the internet in China. Censorship, culture, business, morals.

Discusses the experiences of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!; Cisco on the hardware/router side; local players like Baidu, Sina and Sohu; several journalists and bloggers active within China; and what it all might mean.

There are multiple eye-opening descriptions of cultural forces at play in China, and how those influence Internet usage in general.

All and all, a helpful and enjoyable primer.

Opera 9b Released on Earth Day

What is the significance of the brand-new Opera 9 beta being released on Earth Day? Probably nothing. It’s just that I wanted an excuse to point to the Opera 9b release as well as

Ad-hoc Collaboration – Brainsjams in DC

I wrote about Brainjams last month, and do so again today to announce their next Brainjams event, this one Monday, January 30th, in Washington DC. If you’re planning on attending this free event, head over to the registration form to claim your seat before they’re all taken.

Bringjams bring tech and non-tech people from all walks of life together to discuss how people actually use the tools many of us are building. Being in DC instead of deep in Silicon Valley should be especially interesting, so I’m doubly sad to be missing this one.

Do You Hate To Read, But Love The Onion?

The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, began offering their Onion Radio News as a podcast this week. It immediately rose toward the top of iTunes podcast list.

The Onion Radio News Podcast, w/ Doyle Redland

Onion News is anchored by Doyle Redland, visualized by my dad.

Grab the podcast here or via the iTunes Music Store.

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