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If you use Firefox and Delicious…

…then you definitely want to install this Firefox extension that seamlessly integrates with Firefox’s internal bookmarking system:

Really, it just feels right. It works just how it would if you designed it yourself. Seamless. Flawless. I’ve been bookmarking about 20x more links since I started using this tool. Love it. Install it now.


  • During the installation process be sure to click “sync” to avoid losing your current Firefox bookmarks and links-bar bookmarklets.
  • Don’t worry, you can still save private bookmarks by clicking “Do Not Share” during the normal bookmarking process.
  • You can still use “keyword search” and navigation keywords, but it’s a bit non-obvious. To create a keyword, save your link, then save it again to see the keywords field show up.


Cingular? The Cingular 8125?

I’m getting pretty close to buying the Cingular 8125 cell phone, and, in the process, switching from Sprint to Cingular. Advice or input?

The whole world of “Mobile” is about to get much much more exciting in the US in the next 18 months, and I’d like to be with a carrier and on a device that lets me experiement with as much of it as possible. Is this the carries, the device?

I’m moving from an old Treo (the 600), so it’s also a switch from Palm OS to Windows. Any words of advice in that regard?

Two Thunderbird Tips: Remove Duplicate Messages and Change Reply Headers

There are two tweaks I made to my Mozilla Thunderbird client in the last two days.

By default, Thunderbird places “Joe Smith wrote:” at the top of your message when you reply. I’d prefer to have a date stamp there toom like “on 5/12/2006 10:03 AM Joe Smith said the following:”. Firefox is a great browser and Thunderbird is a great email client for more reasons than extensibility, but extensibility sure is nice. The change is nearly-trivial in Thunderbird by modifing the User.js file in your Thunderbird profiles folder, and restarting Thunderbird (not your computer). How? Change Your Thunderbird Response Header

Another nice extensibility feature is Mozilla’s Extensions system which Thunderbird also shares wth Firefox. Returning from another time zone the other day, my POP server got confused and sent me all my recent messages again. Which stinks, because I ended up with about 1800 duplicate messages filtered and spread throughout my inbox folder structure. In the past I’ve just accepted that fate, but this time I looked for an extension.

Sure enough, the perfect tool for removing duplicate messages exists. One tip: switch which message (older or newer) is discarded, lest you delete your metadata (read, flagged) along with the older message. By default it seems to keep newer, but I’d recommend switching that. Aside from that, it’s a blazing fast tool that without fuss does exactly what it advertises.


Late Xmas Gift? 30-inch LCD!

Dell is to start offering a 30-inch widescreen digital flat-panel monitor tomorrow. If you didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays, or have a year-end bonus to spend, this might be what you’ve been looking for. It’s stats are pretty amazing, beating Apple’s Cinema Display in all categories (e.g.; resolution, response time, contrast ratio, etc).

Here’s the promo link for the Dell 30-inch widescreen LCD.

Riya Photo Search Screenshots

Originally uploaded by natekoechley.

At brunch this morning, I received an email invitation to play with the early “soalphaithurts” alpha of Riya. Riya is consumer facial recongition software. After you name a face, it will scan and auto-tag the rest of your photos.

The concept is great; I took 9000 photos on my backpacking trip earlier this year, some help tagging them is very welcome.

Anyways, I just signed up and installed the uploaded. It takes quite a while to upload and process the photos, but in the meantime check my screenshots of “Nine Step Registration Process” and the “Six Page Tour”.

More Riya details, screenshots and first impressions coming soon.

I want change logs

The new version of iTunes, iTunes 5 was release on the 8th of the month. I’ve been using YME primarily lately, so I’m just checking it out now.

iTunes let’s me know that there’s a new version, and asks if I’d like to get it. The problem is, I don’t know what it has to offer. I wish companies would be better about offering change logs clearly detailing what’s new, what’s different, and what all’s happening.

Update to iTunes 5?

It’s not only because they are sometimes unintended riders on upgrades, or even because newer is not always better, but because it should just be the standard practice.

Communication fosters user learning and understanding. Transparency builds trust. Documentation encourages exploration. Knowledge is comfort.

Things like that.

As I’ve shown before, letting the users know what you’ve done is a great way for them to get excited about your products.

(But please don’t assume that I only want the PR-spun release notes that make it into your marketing. That’s cool, but not comforting, exciting or encouraging.)

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