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Dim the Treo 600 screen

Sitting in a bar, the super bring screen on my Treo 600 lights up the place way more than i’d like. The screen could easily double as a flashlight. I was wondering if there was a way to dim or disable the screen for situations like this. Some searching revealed that

Treo 600 also has a nightime mode by entering Function-P. When selected, the Treo will dim the screen slightly and keep the keypad lit allowing you to work comfortably in the dark for longer periods of time without wasting too much battery on needless screen brightness. Entering the command a second time turns the function off.

While it doesn’t make it as dark as I’d like, it’s still a good thing to know. Unfortunately, it seems that that this mode only lasts for one session, so you need to turn on the Treo in full-brightness mode, then enter night mode. This won’t help me avoid looking like a geek at the bar, but it’s better than nothing and i guess some things are unavoidable.

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