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New Yahoo! Beta: My Yahoo! Search

Check out the latest beta from Yahoo!

From the site:

Personal Search – search for what you want, the way you want.

  • Save the results you like. more
  • Block the ones you don’t. more
  • Share what you’ve found. more
  • Find anything you’ve saved. more

Read more about it on John Battelle’s Searchblog, on Jeremy’s blog, at Search Engine Watch or directly on the Y!Search Blog.

Theories About Designing Experiences

Jodi Forlizzi hosts a helpful and insightful overview titled Towards a Framework of Interaction and Experience As It Relates to Product Design –
Theories to Talk About

In it, the work of Alben, Battarbee, Cain, Dewey, Forlizzi, Hudspith, Jaasko and Mattelmaki, Makela and Fulton Suri, Margolin, Pine & Gilmore, Rhea are summarized and contrasted. Diagrams of relevant models accompany easy review.

The 2200 words make it a longer-than-average page; any shorter, and the 11 Theories wouldn’t get there due.

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Feature Complete – A Definition; or An Exploration of Varied Knowledge Management Systems at Yahoo!

This content has been censored during migration from my behind-the-firewall blog to this public one.
Feature Complete

All features planned for the release have been completely coded, unit tested by the developer, and checked into source control, ready for the build. We often differentiate between Feature Complete Checkin date, and Feature Complete Build date.”

Prior to Feature Complete (or FC) the focus of the project is on the development team, who is busy implementing the feature set based on the PRDs and (if we have them) Functional Specs and perhaps other specs. After Feature Complete, the focus of the project is on the testing, the fixing and verifying of bugs. The focus during this time is on the bug queue in Bugzilla, and the Bug Council meets daily to prioritize, assign, and defer new bugs as they’re reported.

This content has been censored during migration from my behind-the-firewall blog to this public one.

PS: All this makes me think we need a unified understanding of our knowledge management tools.

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