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Peter at the White House

Peter at the White House
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My brother Peter, who works for The Onion attended the Press Club dinner at the White House earlier this year.

Nate Koechley’s Blog Has Moved

That’s right, I’ve moved my blog to a new and permanent address: I’m sorry for the trouble, but please take a moment to subscribe to the new feed and update bookmarks.


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The blog will continue to cover web development, web design, emerging web technologies and trends. I’m also going to be writing about some projects I’ve been working on at The Day Job. As always, I’ll also be writing about things around me in the real world, but they will remain few and far between.

Why is the blog moving? After about 2 years using the hosted blog service Typepad, I released I needed to host the blog myself. Typepad is a great service – I recommend it – but I wanted to move to a permanent address on the server so I had to bite-the-bullet and get it done.

I’m Back

After three fantastic months backpacking across Asia, I’m back in a cube at Yahoo digging my way out of my inbox and out from under my feed reader. (There was significantly worse net access on the road than I expected. I’m doing my best to catch up, but if you want to hear from you soon you’re better off sending me a fresh email.). The trip was excellent (check out some of the pics:, but it’s great to be back in the Bay Area.

Now for the new adventure: plug back into the world of Web Development / . Care to help me out? What have I missed? Any "best of’s" from the last three months? What do you see coming next? What should I be paying attention to right now? What’s dead? What’s hot?

Stay tuned as I try to answer those questions for myself, and please forgive me if I post anything in the next few weeks that’s old news to you.


Reminder: Travel Blog vs Webdev Info

Oops, I didn’t mean to post that last entry about Yangshuo China to this blog. Instead, all travel-related posts will be published exclusively at  Asia 90 my travel blog for my current trip across asia. Over there  — — you can sign up for RSS feeds, read the posts directly, or sign up to an email list to receive email notifications when that travle blog is updated.

The blog you’re reading right now  — — is my main blog, focused on web development primarily, and will continue to be be home to technical stories like:

My New Travel Blog: Asia 90

As you may know, I’ve recently started a 90-day backpacking trip across Asia. I’ll still be following technical topics on this, my primary blog, but will be keeping a travelogue, "Asia 90" with my travelling partner Aimee over at

If you look in the right column of the Asia 90 blog, you’ll see ways to add it to your My Yahoo page, your Bloglines account, as well as ways to sign up to receive email updates when new entries are published.

As you may know, we started in Hong Kong last week, and have just arrived in mainland China last night. We’ll be heading from the south to the north of mainland China over the next four weeks, before spending two weeks in Thailand and Southeast Asia. After that, we’re heading to the buddhist state of Ladakh in northern Himalayan India for approximately four weeks. After than, and a stop in Delhi, we’ll fly back through Bangkok for the final two weeks in Kyoto, Japan.

Anyways, if you’re interested in following along with the travel aspects of my life for the next quarter-year, please head over to and subscribe.


Carpool Conversations Vol. 2

In the second installment of Carpool Conversations, we talked about the dynamics of communication and collaboration. This image is a visualization of our thoughts.

Thinking collaboratively speeds the development of an idea. Talking about a problem helps us understand the problem. Conversation and collaboration are important to the process.

Another thought we had, that’s not represented in the chart, is that “silence is a powerful tool”. It seems that speaking less sometimes gets better results, and that moments of silence are important. For one, it’s important to listen and it’s important to think, both of which are markedly more difficult to do while you’re talking. Secondly, repeating a point has the generally-unintended consequence of reducing the potency of the idea. If you keep talking after you’ve made your point, you have a tendency to stray from the initial message, thereby watering it down. At the same time, your listener doesn’t have a chance to absorb the idea. Know your message, deliver it as clearly, accurately and succinctly as possible, then allow it to stand on it’s own and flourish.

We didn’t get to talk too much today (no pun intended), because for some reason the traffic was sparse and we make good time north.

Stay tuned for Carpool Conversations Vol. 3.

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