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An Unfortunate 404

I just registered on a shopping web site (to get some staples delivered). I clicked through to skim their privacy policy because some types of shopping sites share info in ways I’m not comfortable with. One section to pay attention to is "Using Personal Information." This one was pretty standard – not great but nothing unexpected. I was happy when I saw the following sentence/offer, as when given the chance I opt out of most mailings:

If you prefer not to receive this type of information from us, you can contact us at 1-877-723-3929 or online, click here.

So I clicked though. Dead link. "Sorry, there is no web page matching your request."

That’s encouraging. Thanks a lot.

(I hacked around for a bit and was able to find the correct link to update your safeway mailing and privacy settings.)

Shameless Plug – Vote for My SXSW Session

I submitted a session proposal for the 2008 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. There are about 600 proposed talks and panels. Only a fifth of those will be chosen. Though there’s an editorial aspect to the selection process, the primary factor is democratic. So, if you would, please take a moment to review the description of my session and vote for it if you find it interesting.

You need to register on their site before you can vote, but it only takes a second.

As the description says, the talk is based on a book I’m writing with Matt Sweeney. (Yes, writing a book. An exciting prospect, but a challenge, too.)

Here’s my talk’s page on their Panel Picker application. And here’s the description:

The State of Professional Front-End Engineering

An immense body of theory and practice in the front-end engineering discipline has evolved in the past decade, particularly in the past four years. This talk draws from my forthcoming O’Reilly book, separates signal from noise, and codifies the state of the art of Professional Front-end Engineering.


Heading to StartUp Camp on Monday

StartUp Camp 2 is this Monday in San Francisco.

Startup Camp is an unconference-style event that’s dedicated to bringing together the various members of the startup community for a face-to-face collaborative meetup where its the attendees that drive the agenda (in true unconference fashion).

I’m really looking forward to tasting the excitement in air and seeing all the cool projects. 100s of people have registered – it should be fun. (But the real reason work’s giving me the day to attend is so I can be on hand to help people realize their dreams using YUI.)

If you’re there, please come find me and say Hi (even if you don’t need YUI support).

Is That You?

I’ll keep this short: I’m looking for a few top-notch front-end engineers / web developers for some interesting and challenging projects. If you think that’s you, please drop me a note at nate at koechley dot com.

Moved. (Not doing that again for a while.)

Two months ago I bought a flat in San Francisco with Aimee. Very exciting – my/our first home. We closed back in February but didn’t move in until yesterday because it came with a tenant. Anyways, he moved out on Saturday night and Aimee and I moved in Sunday at 9am.

Movers just left. Home alone in new place for first time.

Last night was our first night in the new place. I love it.

We’ve done a pretty good job unpacking already, but that barely matters because I love the place. The building is a bit over 100 years old – very solid and stable and classic. Three-story SF flat. Between Guerrero and Dolores on 23rd Street.

I’ll fill you in on more details later, but for now that’s the news and part of my excuse for not writing here with any consistency as of late.

Reduce Junk Mail and Plant a Tree

This new-to-me service, Green Dimes, will drastically reduce the amount of junk [snail] mail your receive by diligently and comprehensively removing your name and address from lists large and small that are bought and sold by and to marketers. They automate much of the process, and when a signature is required send you a self-addressed stamped postcard to sign and send. They have a staff of 20 working full time to discover new lists to remove your from, while as the same time providing tools to ensure you still get catalogs and charity mail you desire.

By getting less mail you save some of the 100,000,000 trees consumed by the direct mail industry. Better yet, Green Dimes will plant trees each month in your name, helping to repair a bit of the damage already done.

Pretty good value proposition for only $4/month. Sign yourself up or send a gift membership to family and friends.


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