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Happy Birthday, Peter Lennon Koechley

My brother turns 25 today. Happy Birthday Peter.

Peter Koechley

My brother’s middle name is Lennon. He was born in 1980 on the day John Lennon was murdered.

John Lennon

At one point, my grandmother pulled my parents aside and verified that it was “L E N N O N”, not “L E N I N”. I always got a kick out of that.

It’s strange to me that a great person, Lennon, was taken from this world early, and at the same time my brother, another great person, was brought into this world.

Happy Birthday Peter. You’re the best brother I can Imagine.

Tokyo Fish Market

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It’s been many months now since I returned from my backpacking trip across Asia, and I’ve still got zillions of photos to post.

Here are 39 photos from the Tokyo Fish Market.

We took about 9000 during the three month trip, but tried to just post the best of the best in small, digestable sets. (15 of my 34 Flickr Sets are from the trip.)

The Fish Market in Tokyo is fantastic. I highly recommend a visit next time you’re there. Against the conventional wisdom, you don’t need to arrive at 4am. My brother and I overslept a bit, and didn’t down there til about 8am (right Pete?).

Massive. Bustling. Colorful. Beautiful. Unique.

Autographed Books and the TechDev Speaker Series

As I’ve probably said before, one of the great things about working at Yahoo! is the external speakers routinely on campus. On Fridays, our Technology Development Group — some of the same folks behind Yahoo! Developer Network — hosts a weekly TechDev Speaker Series. Today’s speaker was John Battelle, the former Wired editor, Industry Standard founder, highly influential search industry blogger, and author of the new book, The Search.

He read some interesting passages, answered an very generous number of questions, and hung around to sign books. He definitely gave me a few things to think about, including a suggesting that we’re leaving the “poke” interface days (mouse clicks to ‘poke’ around an interface) and entering days of natural language interfaces, where words and concepts drive knowledge exploration.

I’m at work, sure, but it’s not a bad way to spend a Friday. (And I’m looking forward to Saturday too.)

Lots of jobs out there these days…

Freelance, contract, full time… Startups, consultancies, big players… Remote and onsite… A day doesn’t go by lately that somebody doesn’t ask me, “do you know any web developers looking for work?”.

Are you a CSS stud with JS chops and a passion for semantic markup? If so, and if you’re interested in hearing about some of these gigs, feel free to shoot me an email at nate at koechley dot com or leave a comment on this post.

(I’m most familiar with web development / frontend engineering jobs, but if you’re looking for design, user experience or engineering work, I can keep you in mind for those too.)

BrainJams Unconference this Saturday (2005.12.03)

If you’re in the Bay Area this weekend (December 3rd, 2005), join us at BrainJams.

BrainJams Events are open spaces where the participants decide on the content of the event within a basic framework that includes one on one knowledge networking in the morning and open discussions on how to best use emerging technologies in the afternoon.

The format for the two morning sessions borrows from Speed Dating and Knowledge Cafes: Talk one on one with somebody in your group for 5 minutes. Rotate to a new person every 5 minutes. Repeat until you’ve spoken with each person in your group. Same thing in the second hour, but with a new group of people and ideas. Before lunch you’ll have shared passions and projects with more than 20 people.

After lunch is a quick Teen Panel moderated by Noah Kagan. We’ll hear how social services, blogs and communities are being used by this demographic.

The rest of the afternoon is for three tracks of quick, user-led sessions. Not demos, but real people sharing knowledge about which tools they use, and how.

It is a chance for new comers and everyday people to learn from the “powerusers” and other real people just like them. It is a chance for people to suggest new ideas for making the tools more useful. It is a chance for us to begin gathering stories of how people actually use the tools many of us are building. … Each session will have a Jam Leader and a Podcaster/Vlogger who will help facilitate the conversation and keep it on track.

It’s looking like a very interesting day full of passionate people. Come join us.

Thanks to Chris Heuer for organizing this, what a guy.

Reverend Marshal

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Marshal is our new cat. We got him a couple months ago. He lives in NYC with Aimee. I’m not the hugest cat person, but he’s pretty fun to play with, and super cute. He’s about four months old in this picture.

Here’s a photo set (12 pics) of him.

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