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MSN Desktop Search Revealed

Desktop search – the latest search battlefield.

Today brings leaked screenshots of the forthcoming Microsoft Desktop Search. The product isn’t slated for release until 2005, but a beta is still expected sometime this year.

The screenshots are news, but that M$ would enter the product space isn’t. Many are aready there: My personal favorite X1 (which Google Desktop Search, Yahoo Desktop Search, and new players like Blinks, Copernic, and many others.

Like lots of things that are too efficient at processing information, desktop search has already started to raise security concerns, since many of them capture every web page you visit, every document you create or view, and every in-and-out email.

Kerry Winning, Part 1: Electoral College

Everybody knows the race for President is close. Looking back over the last few months, it’s pretty much always been close. Or at least it seems that way.

I don’t fully understand the seemingly outdated Electoral College system, but it’s the only one that matters. Happily, Kerry has been having success in this area, and getting comfortable above the 270-vote threshold.

Looking at available Electoral projections from May 24th through today, October 19th – (143 days of data) – Kerry has lead in electorial votes exactly 100 times, or 69.9% of the time.

Over that same period, Kerry has gone above 300 a whopping 49 times, while Bush has only managed that level of success a sorry,-you’re-going-back-to-Texas 9 times. Kerry has surpassed 320 electoral votes 19 times, while Bush has only fooled that many people three times.

Unlike the popular vote outcomes which in 2000 Gore won by more than a half-million votes, the Electoral College number matters. To win the Presidency you need at least 270 Electoral College Votes (EVs).

Unfortunately for Bush, he has only reached that magic number 39 times in this campaign, while Kerry is comfortable in that world, having spend over three months there (92 days).

Open question: when will we do away with the Electoral College? Isn’t it time that American’s votes actually directly counted?

Kerry has peaked at 327 projected electorial votes eight times, while Bush has only managed to reach those heights twice.

Google Browser, latest chapter

“If you drive by the Google buildings in the evening,” said a person who has detailed knowledge of the company’s business, “the lights that are still on are the ones on the floor where they are working on the browser.”


Enables good service to count against good advertising

But there is something about this idea of local searching [friend and friend-of-a-friend personal recommendation databases] that I fear people will miss, and that’s the fact that it enables good service to count against good advertising. The general trend in local business development has been the proliferation of branded chains, and decimation of the local, unbranded treasures. Charleston has a fine lingerie shop on King Street, but just down the block looms a much larger Victoria’s Secret. Relying mostly on word-of-mouth, local restaurants, plumbers and mechanics cannot afford more than a small-print mention in print or online listings. Yelp! or something like it might blunt this insidious trend.

Google Desktop Search

From Gary Price, at the wonderful ResourceShelf:

Google Launches a Desktop Search Application
About thirty minutes ago, Google launched a desktop search application. I’ve been using Google Desktop Search for the past 48hrs and I’m VERY impressed. Danny Sullivan has just posted (I contributed to the story) a review on Search Engine Watch. Random comments about GDS:

  • I love the fact that every web page viewed in your browser is automatically cached on your computer and immediately made full text searchable. Seruku, a product I wrote about in June, offers a similar type of service for a fee. Additionally, every time you make a change to a Word document or other local file a new cached copy is made. Now, you can easily review revisions to your work by taking a look at the various cached copies of the material.
    + One negative is that it DOESN’t index the full text of pdf files. Google says it’s coming soon.
  • The Copernic Desktop Search tool remains a very useful product and offers several features not found with the GDS.
  • Privacy issues? Of course. Understand what you’re making searchable and how easy it could be for someone to quickly search and find something on your computer. Be careful!
  • Most of my other comments have are merged into Danny’s review.

Direct LINK to This ResourceShelf Post

It’s so much easier sometimes to the let the pros do the writing <wink>.

New Yahoo! Beta: My Yahoo! Search

Check out the latest beta from Yahoo!

From the site:

Personal Search – search for what you want, the way you want.

  • Save the results you like. more
  • Block the ones you don’t. more
  • Share what you’ve found. more
  • Find anything you’ve saved. more

Read more about it on John Battelle’s Searchblog, on Jeremy’s blog, at Search Engine Watch or directly on the Y!Search Blog.

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