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My “Yahoo! vs. Yahoo!” @media 2006 Slides

Nate Koechley's presentation at @media 2006
@media 2006: Europe's Premier Web Design Conference. London, 15th - 16th June.

Last month I had the privilege of addressing the audience at the prestigious @media 2006 conference in London. It was quite an honor to contribute to such an outstanding event, accurately dubbed “Europe’s foremost professional web design conference”. Many thanks are due to the organizers, to my fellow presenters and all the attendees, to everybody who attended my session, and especially to those who wrote about it in the blogosphere both before and after. It is a ongoing joy to be part of such a vibrant and open community.

My talk, Yahoo! vs. Yahoo!, used case studies to examine how and when development decisions change in response to a project’s location on what I’m calling The Page-to-Application Spectrum. I used three case studies: the new Yahoo! home page beta, the new Yahoo! Photos beta, and the Yahoo! Mail beta.

While slides don’t capture all the material of the talk, I’m pleased to share them today:

Detailed notes taken during my presentation are available thanks to Stuart at Muffin Research. Also, if you have questions or comments, please send me a note or leave a comment.

On a final note, public speaking these days is especially rewarding because of the immediate feedback blogging makes possible. If you will please indulge me, I would like to point to some of the coverage of my session:

PPK of, in Did we just win the web standards battle? (@media impressions – part 3)

“Nate Koechley’s presentation was a case study in knowledge sharing, with him giving away quite a few juicy technical bits for free. In short, Yahoo is firmly committed to openness and to discussing stuff with the international technical community.”

PPK of in @media impressions – part 2

“…my favourite one, because it’s the only one that taught me some new geeky stuff.”

IT Bytes in @Media 2006

“Rating, 8/10″

Marko Samastur in @media 2006 is over

“[@media] was great and I specially enjoyed presentations given by Nate Koechley and Andy Clarke. Those two alone made going worthwhile and if you have a chance to see any of them, don’t miss the opportunity.”

“Nate Koechley’s talk was a revelation. An incredible amount of good information and it’s been eye opening for me to learn about Yahoo’s experience.”

David Storey of Slightly ajar in @Media 2006 London

“Nate Koechley of Yahoo! is one such Open the Web hero that has done more than many to promote open standards and get web sites working in as many browsers as possible.”

Martin Kliehm of Learning the World in My @media 2006 Day Two

“I went to this presentation because Nate Koechley recently published his smart concept paper about graded browser support, which we immediately adopted. What I didn’t expect was a most impressive roller coaster trip through browser performance!”

Thanks again, and I hope to see you all again very soon.


Well, I’m still not home yet. Was supposed to be home on Sunday, but I guess thunderstorms and airplanes don’t mesh well.

@media in London was my first stop on this trip. After the conference (which was excellent – I’ll post more soon), I went to Germany for a few days to catch some World Cup action. From Germany I flew to Albany, NY. Aimee and I arrived about 10pm. She stayed in NY to prep for her best friend’s wedding, but I caught a 9am flight out the next morning bound for a family reunion ourside Cleveland on the Lake Erie shore. Reunion was great. I left the family reunion a day early to fly back to NY (Syracuse) on Saturday afternoon to be at the evening wedding there. That was Saturday.

So far so good.

I’m a lucky guy in general, but it sorta ran out. Sunday I was scheduled on an evening flight home: Syracuse-Atlanta-Oakland. Aimee and her Mom dropped me off at the airport and I went inside to check in. After just a few minutes I realized that things weren’t looking good. I called Aimee and told her to pull over in case I needed to be picked back up. (This was a good instinct.)

Turns out ATL was shut down due to severe thunderstorms. All flights were canceled. To make matters worse, it was the end of Syracuse graduation weekend so I wasn’t the only one trying to get out of town. All Monday flights were full. For some reason they don’t fly the route on Tuesdays. They were able to book me confirmed for Thursday, and I got placed at the top of the standby list for Wednesday.

Aimee and her mom picked me back up, and I tagged along with them to their summer place on the St Lawrence Seaway about 90 minutes north of Syracuse.

So here I sit. Current Status: Working From Hundred Yards South of the Canadian Border (WFHYSOTCB).

I called back the next day, and learned they canceled all flights on Monday too. Because I was already on the standby list for Wednesday, the new array of people hunting for flights should have minimal effect on me.

It’s Wednesday now. I’m off to the airport in a couple hours for a late-evening flight to Oakland. Scheduled to arrive about midnight.

I don’t mean to complain; All and all it’s been an outstanding trip. Many great experiences. Many great people and conversations.

It’s just that, really, I’d really like to be home soon please.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Well, it’s about 1:30 am local time and I just got home. My bags didn’t – they’re still in Atlanta I guess – but I did and it feels good.

Upcoming Speaking Gigs at @media on June 16th and WebVisions on July 21st

I’m excited to be speaking at two great conferences this summer. On June 16th I’ll be speaking at the @media 2006 conference in London, and on July 21st I’ll be making a return to the WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon. If you’re not already planning to attend, allow me to extend an invitation to both events. If you will be there, please shoot me a message [nate at koechley dot com] or drop a comment.

I’m preparing a unique talk for each conference, so you’ll have to come to both to hear it all. I’m wearing my Developer hat in London, and my Designer hat in Portland. For the more technical talk, I will discuss DHTML and Ajax best practices under the title Yahoo! vs. Yahoo!. Three cutting-edge Yahoo! products will be case studies as I share best practices and highlight the importance of weighing key application attributes when you make technical architecture decisions. In Portland I will discuss Usability for Rich Internet Applications. I’ll be describing and sharing communication instruments and toolkits that have proved helpful to us as we strive to bring desktop richness online.

Both these events are top notch, and I’m humbled to be a part of them. WebVisions is the perfect blend of design, technology and business, attracts an amazing and varied array of speakers and attendees, and in its sixth year is firing on all cylinders. I missed last year, and am happy to be back (plus, Portland is georgeous in the summer). @media is only in its second year but already the premier web design conference in Europe. When I look at the design and development books on my desk, nearly all the authors will be presenting during @media’s two packed days.

Here’s a bit more information on each of the conferences:


WebVisions explores the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy to uncover the trends and agents of change that will shatter your assumptions about the Web. Be ready to network, share ideas and be inspired by an all-star lineup of speakers.

Over the past six years, we’ve built a loyal audience of designers, developers and industry leaders. I invite you to join us for an event that’s seen as “the creative conference for the Web.”

@media 2006

The @media conference returns to London on 15th-16th June, bigger and better than before. It’s the event of the year for anyone interested in learning about and discussing the latest approaches to web design with some of the world’s most highly respected experts.

See you there!

Accessible DHTML presentation at CSUN this week

It’s been so busy lately, both professionally and socially, that I haven’t been putting any time into this blog. I’m sorry about that, and have lots of ideas swirling around in my head that I hope to be able to write here soon.

In the near term though, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be in LA this Thurday presenting a paper at the CSUN accessibility conference. The paper/presentation, co-authored by my colleage Victor Tsaran, has the long title, “Yahoo! Experiences with Accessibility, DHTML, and Ajax in Rich Internet Applications”. The 45 minute talk will review the current state of web development and then offer three families of techniques for making the DHTML development that’s at the heart of Web 2.0 accessible to all users.

It’s an interesting and important topic. From 1999 thru 2004 the web became increasingly accessible with the broad adoption of Web Standards and related modern methodologies. Since 2005, these gains have been under pressure as we all race to push the limits of what’s achievable with DHTML in capable and modern browsers. While it is a myth that DHTML is not accessible, in practice the rush jobs and rapid innovations of the day often leave accessibility as but an afterthought. Additionally, as mouse-based desktop interactions — drag and drop for example — become more commonplace online, it’s tempting to exclusively rely on mouse-based input and manipulation which is a cause of concern to the accessibility community (and keyboard-loving geeks everywhere). The straw that often breaks the camel’s back is Ajax, which partial-page updates are often unnoticable to screen readers and other types of assistive technology.

I’ll post slides after the talk, and will be writing about this with Victor in an upcoming article for our Yahoo! User Interface Blog.

Tokyo Fish Market

Originally uploaded by natekoechley.

It’s been many months now since I returned from my backpacking trip across Asia, and I’ve still got zillions of photos to post.

Here are 39 photos from the Tokyo Fish Market.

We took about 9000 during the three month trip, but tried to just post the best of the best in small, digestable sets. (15 of my 34 Flickr Sets are from the trip.)

The Fish Market in Tokyo is fantastic. I highly recommend a visit next time you’re there. Against the conventional wisdom, you don’t need to arrive at 4am. My brother and I overslept a bit, and didn’t down there til about 8am (right Pete?).

Massive. Bustling. Colorful. Beautiful. Unique.

Rooftop Yahoos

Originally uploaded by Hedger Wang.

Hedger, Yahoo’s webdev MAGICIAN in Taiwan, posts this photo of all the Yahoos over there.

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