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Howto: Code Reviews

A Case for Code Review

What can a code review process do to help? First off, the process breaks down barriers and encourages sharing. In fact, thatís the essence of code review: open the box, share the knowledge, gain from the experience.

Rasmus’s Recommended PHP Layers

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How To Avoid Foolish Consistency

How To Avoid Foolish Consistency

Summary: Provides guidelines for designing consistent user interfaces. (3 printed pages)

Javascript Defer Attibute

JavaScript: Defer Execution with the defer attribute of the script element – Speed Tweak of the Week

The defer attribute gives a hint to the browser that the script does not create any content so the browser can optionally defer interpreting the script. This can improve performance by delaying execution of scripts until after the body content is parsed and rendered.

Books for me to investigate

Recommended Reading

just saving this link so i can look at it later

Mindtool – A deep site of “essential skills for an excellent career”

Mind Tools – Helping you to live an excellent life!

Personal Goal Setting –

To Do Lists, Remembering To Do All Essential Tasks, In The Right Order –

Job Analysis (Short Form) – The First Step in Managing Job overload –

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