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Select-element Width Control

Interesting treatment of select lists that are wider than they should be… (only visible on IE, not gecko — gecko does the ideal interaction ‘out of the box’)

downside of this approach might be that it acts onMouseover — might be better interaction.. jberry plans to explore tweaks to this approach.

PIMCO’s treatment of too-wide select list (see the left nav)

Cool Flash Application

Designshift: Sketchpad

This 8kb flash application allows for drawing, with variable color/thickness/transparency… psudo-undo functionality…. pretty impressive that all the programming — the entire download actually — is only 8 kb.

Bubbling and Capturing Events – a JS Primer

DOM Design Tricks II: A List Apart

Capturing and Bubbling Events, Setting Events, Nodes

Sony Claims First Running Humanoid Robot

Sony Claims First Running Humanoid Robot

News for nerds writes “Sony Corporation announced the new development of Sony’s humanoid robot, enabling integrated motion control for walking, jumping and …

This amazing video is of them dancing:

Welcome to Archie McPhee Online

Welcome to Archie McPhee Online – action figures, novelty toys, other fun diversions

Hello World

This is the required first [Entry Body] post for the new blog.
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